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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  July 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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had police say he and helps friend were doing when gunshots started. and, 12 homes go up in flames over the weekend, all in camden, all but one thing in common. how investigators are trying to put an a end to it before it gets worse. with one third of our fleet out of service however, tuesday is the challenge. unfortunately it will be rough on our railroad customers. enjoy holiday while it lasts hundreds of commuters could be in for a long day tomorrow, problem that caused septa to pull 100 regional railcars off the track. parades, concerts and fire works, big plans outdoors to
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celebrate the fourth of july but will mother nature cooperate? sue serio has your holiday forecast. >> that seems like a perfect transition on this fourth of july, right to sue serio. >> anything you want to do, do it as early as possible. >> you know i'm new. i had my first wawa welcome america concert. have you ever guys cancelled it. >> no, you do not cancel. i have watched fire works in the driving rain storm. >> they will have the concert rain storm. >> some people standing in the rain. >> if you have a patriotic picture, what do i mean by that? you're dressed up like monte g. >> hey monte g. >> he is dressed as a flag. >> if you are dressed up in patriotic stuff, send it in and we will broadcast that to the rest of the delaware valley. >> or if you have anything you are preparing for, maybe people will cook out and get things ready. >> yes. >> more embarrassing the better.
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>> sometimes people think it is cake and strawberry and they make them look like the stripes. >> yes. >> all kind of ways to be patriotic and we are doing you the by wearing, red, white and blue. >> he's pink. >> no, i have red underwear on. >> thank you for sharing. >> well, we cannot get that thought out of our head. >> lets get to the number of the day. we will go to the seven. we are off to a decent start for most of us but there is rain in the forecast, later on. the is there bus stop buddy in the umbrella in one haines and flag in the other side. he is dock side hoping to get some boating in. it is cloudy, for most of us, but we are seeing some sunshine, and i would also say this further north you go the better it looks. there are a few scattered showers to the south of us. we are looking at that this morning. is there sun and included in olde city. 69 degrees. 81 percent relative humidity. it will feel stick toy day, more than yesterday. 49 degrees in the poconos mountains. sixty-seven in atlantic city up and wildwood. heading for a high today of 80 y
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skies and yes, that ever present chance of showers which will increase as the daze goes on. that takes care of your holiday. we will talk about back to reality time coming up in the seven day forecast. let's check traffic for you, starting off with a look at i-95 southbound. again we have to look in the back center of this picture to see that there is a weeper truck stuck on the guardrail at walt whitman on ramp from i-95 southbound. watch out for that. 495 northbound in delaware at edgemore road, is there an accident that has the left lane blocked. again, hardly any traffic so it shouldn't slow you down much. there is a fourth of july parade this morning, it stars at 9:00 o'clock in bala cynwyd on montgomery avenue ending up at bala akin wood playground, all systems go for that. >> all systems go. holiday party end with the deadly shooting of the teen in
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grays ferry this was the scene on the 1800 block of south 31st street around midnight. group of teens were hanging out in the backyard barbecuing when witnesses said they heard gunshots. one of the bullets hit a 16 year-old boy right in the chest. police are not saying whether he was the intended target though. 1995 -- has reopened after person was hit and killed, by a tractor trailer. it happened near 36, scene has been since cleared no word on exactly what caused that crash. a person is in the hospital after being hit by a car overnight in oaklynn, new jersey. it happened on the 700 block of white horse pike in front of the wawa store around 1:00 this morning. the driver did stop at the scene, and no word on the condition of the victim. major disruptions for commuters in the weeks ahead, and maybe even today after septa had to take a third, one-third of their, well, their train cars out of service. >> that is 100 train cars. >> um-hmm. >> riders had to find other
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ways to get around. when are coming in the city to see fire works or concert tonight or tomorrow when you are heading in to work. i wonder if this means we will have an excuse for being late tomorrow. >> receipts's ask dave kinchen, is that an excuse. >> well, septa officials say you may want to ask, for extra time, in getting to work or if you can, work from home, because of delays in crowding expected. if you rely on septa an "s" a regional rail, here's the situation. penndot officials pulled one-third of the regional rail fleet when they stopped rolling silver liner five cars for inspections and they needed emergency repairs. that is 120 cars all together, and transit authorities say that their engineers just by chance found cracks in the train cars and some were leaning on their side. that is i-95 percent of the silver lining cars and officials say...
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>> unaudible. >> officials say the both of those cars to prevent disaster. >> the concern with thesis at high speeds you could have a derailment. we ask for our rider's patients during this very difficult time. first days and weeks of this adjustment time should prove to be the hardest. >> there are some things they have to fix. would i rather them fix is what wrong and, you know, address the issue they be to have us on unsafe trains. >> i just want to get another ride to work. i will take the bus. it is a longer route but fit is safety for me and other people, then it is worth it. >> reporter: so what do you do. is there a work around of sorts. septa has added more parking along the broad street and market frankford lines and also they are activating a severe weather schedule is what they call it along wilmington newark line which reduces service through the four delaware station the. they say check to make sure you see more time going to work or work from home if you can and repairs unlikely to take all summer.
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this will be a headache for all summer and a big headache. >> all summer long with the dnc that could be a problem. interesting. >> hopefully we will get in someone from septa tomorrow to talk about this, before help head into work. >> we will. a teen was shot and killed in camden. it happened sat take opening on the 1200 block of mechanics street. prosecutors say that a 15 year-old was shot and killed by another 15 year old. right now, motive for the shooting has not been released. the suspect has been charged with aggravated manslaughter and being held in the youth detention center. his name has not been released due to his age. burlington county, new jersey state police are seeking help, in solving a murder mystery. killer may than driving a 2016 pickup truck that looks similar to this one. the white chevy was being rented by the victim who was found dead inside of his home in tabernacle township on friday. the truck though has tennessee tags. a father and his eight year old sonnies dead after a boating accident in somers point new jersey over the weekend. it happened and 4:30 saturday
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afternoon near the jennings gate the way marine a pope lease say jet skis they were riding on collided with a boat. five five-year old driver the of the boat suffered a wrist injury. new jersey state police and coastguard are investigating what happened in this accident. investigators are looking for a possible arsonist in camden, new jersey after 12 abandon properties went up in flames, over the weekend. twelve different properties. >> fire fighters say all fires have at least one thing in common, they are all considered suspicious and emergency responders, they were called to the first blaze in the 1100 block of jackson street which is a vacant building. four fire fighters were treated for heat exhaustion on saturday and another three were injured yesterday. >> we have a total of 12 fires, ten of them being very significant, and that actually caused injuries to some of our fire fighters and put a burden on the city and all of the residents. >> so camden county has put together a arson task force to
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investigate all of these fires. if you know anything about this, 12 different fires, all suspicious, call police in camden. and officials are investigating claims that isis, was behind the attack in bangladesh that killed nearly 30 people, including three american students. six heavily armed militants held the victims hostage. one capture was captured by police. he is being questioned. isis has claimed responsibility for that attack but the local government for some reason say the attackers belonged to a banned domestic group, not related to isis. that is something they have to sort out. in baghdad yesterday, unbelievable. >> and the death toll of around isis bombing there has climbed to 142 people, overnight, more than 200 others were hurt. officials say that a truck was used as a bomb and mostly
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shiite area of central baghdad. its lamb i can state group claimed responsibility for the blast. second bombing killed five people yesterday morning. >> 7:10. horrifying a account from a fat shore tried to save his son from a alligator attack at a disney resort. matt graves says two alligators were involved in the last month's attack. two. he told emergency crews a second alligator grabbed him as he tried to rescue his boy in the shallow water there. those details are document in the official report that was just made public. disney has since posted warning signs in that beach area, put up nets and fences, at its lake side beaches. hoping to prevent something like this from ever happening again. a teenager nearly loses his foot when something exploded walking in central park yesterday. authorities say device was some type of homemade fire work was not intended to hurt anyone. they have rule out any possible link to terrorism. nineteen year-old was with his friend when he stepped on the device and it exploded and he
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had to be rushed to the hospital. doctors performed surgery to save his foot and thankfully he is able to save it and he is expect to survive. >> it is not unusual for the public to make or try to create homemade fire works around the fourth of july, which is completely unadvisable. it should be noted that the victim and his two friend we don't consider them to be part of the construction of this object. >> police are still trying to track down whom ever, left the device in the park in the first place, the guy stepped on it. >> 7:11. noble peace prize winner author and holocaust survivor eli weasel was laid to rest yesterday in manhattan. the weasel died saturday at the age of 87 at 150 people attended a private funeral, for the nazi concentration camp survivor. his memoirs night became standard reading in classrooms across the globe. weasel devoted his work for life in remembrance of the holocaust and fight for justice and all people. he is said to be one of the last firsthand witnesses of
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the nazi atrocities. >> that is one a macing many remember eating his book night, eye opening, really was. 7:12 on this fourth of july, it is a monday. there has been no shortage of political fire works. see what i did there. >> fourth of july, fire works. >> it happened over weekend. some significant movement in the fbi's criminal probe into hillary clinton's e-mail use for her server. and there is a lot of running mate speculation on both sides for the democrats and the g.o.p. doug luzader has more this morning from washington d.c., taking his tie off, he has gone down to the ground, he has capitol building behind him. >> reporter: it is a holiday. >> are you wearing jeans then too. >> i bet he has jeans on. >> down please.
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>> i am. >> busted. >> through go. >> busted. >> you called me out. >> listen, i should be wearing shorts, or i should be wearing a rain slicker because weather will be terrible today, we think. but, this place is going to fill up today, hundreds of thousands are spoke for the big fourth of july celebration. this is, of course, a bipartisan event or non-partisan event. the political conventions are not. as you guys know very well, it is just a few weeks away. >> ♪ >> we have scenery hersal on the national mall and under mess ands skies we are preparing for the real thing tonight. the just about ten blocks from here is fbi headquarters, that is where hillary clinton spent three and a half hours on saturday being grilled over her use of e-mail as secretary of state. >> i was eager to do it and i was pleased to have the opportunity to a cyst the department in bringing its investigation to the conclusion. >> reporter: for clinton
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steaks are enormous. she could be charged or exonerated just as she is set to secure her parties nomination. she and president owe bam air set to cam paper together for the first time tomorrow, in north carolina. just as the obama administration is still dealing with the fall out from race weeks unusual airport tarmac meeting between attorney general loretta lynch, who may ultimately decide to charge clinton, and former president bill clinton. a meet ago this has republicans beside themselves. >> it smells to high heaven the whole process. >> reporter: clinton support earth, including some on the short list for running mate. >> those who are doing the investigation, those who know the fact will make the final call. >> reporter: donald trump is having his own share of difficulties heading in to this holiday with one poll after another showing him trailing clinton. he too is in the middle of a running mate search. >> we are a couple weeks from the convention. we may get an announcement within the next week but in terms of the newt gingrich, chris christie, newt gingrich
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is at the top of the speculation charts. >> those are some of the well known names but it is entirely possible that hillary clinton and donald thrum seven could make someone, and we should know relatively soon. >> thanks for. that, doug. we're so close. cleveland first and then news philadelphia. 7:15. fourth of july celebrations continue in philadelphia today. full weekend of celebrations but we cannot stop on a actual holiday, right. it will be capped off with a fire works display over the ben franklin parkway with this weather going on. >> we won't stop. we can't stop. we won't stop. >> do you like that song. >> yes. >> is that miley cyrus. >> yes. >> we can't stop. >> we won't stop. >> yes. >> unaudible. >> but it all starts with the celebration of the freedom ceremony a at independent
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mall, it is going to be at ten when the show goes off this morning. that will lead right in the parade which starts at 11:00. >> okay. >> and then the party on the parkway. it starts at the noon with stage as long the parkway showcasing locals, and talents. it will be yas the greatest. there i been boot to the sound of philadelphia. >> the actual concert starts at 5:00 on the parkway. >> yes. >> yes. yas will be there. >> yes. >> leon bridges. i love him. he fridays texas too. >> isn't leslie odom junior from hamilton kind of host the whole thing. >> he released a new album. i'm sure he will perform something too. >> they did a whole segment on him on that sunday morning on cbs. >> yes good it was good. >> nice. >> he is good. >> so then they will have fire works over the parkway at 10:00 o'clock. it will be a full schedule. don't worry if you are confused about what too do what time to show up, we will have quincy harris talking to the officials putting on the the concert with interview wawa was welcome america ceo.
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>> wye the way. >> what. >> yas is on our show today. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> he is on our show this morning. >> yes, all you empire fans get ready. >> he is on our show today. >> because he knows when he comes to philly he has to stop by and say hello. >> do you think i should have worn a tie you are making fun of doug luzader. you don't have a tayoun. >> it is fourth of july. it is a holiday. >> if it was winter you would be wearing your sweater vest. >> it is casual holiday. it is fourth of july. we will have fire works and also might be having some showers. they are expect to arrive right around 10:00 o'clock. well, earlier then that really but still be around at 10:00 o'clock when we will have the forecasted fire works and rain all at the same time. not great, not perfect, but it is what it is. 69 degrees in philadelphia 49 in mount pocono. 67 degrees down to the south
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of news dover, delaware. here's is the culprit. this warm front slowly moving north eastward. you can see heavier rain down to the the southwest. in virginia and west virginia. that will be moving in. just in time, for fire works time tonight. through can see even some thunderstorms in north carolina but most of that heavier rain will be in the overnight hours, so we are hoping for just spotty showers, and like we're seeing this morning. middletown delaware seeing a few showers around stone harbor at jersey shore but anytime after 3:00 o'clock, start looking for more widespread showers and they are starting to spread in at the 5:00 o'clock through 11:00 . pockets of heavier rain in the overnight hours. during "good day philadelphia" tomorrow on back to reality day we could even see a little rumble of thunder in the morning before the program is through. that is the deal. average high 87. we had a lovely weekend with 80 on saturday. 78 degrees yesterday. today we are back to 80 but
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more humid with that rain late in the day and then setting up for what could be and probably will be the second heat wave of the sees on with thursday, friday, sat the day temperatures in the 90's. that is your seven day forecast. time to check traffic on this holiday morning. we have 495 north bound at edgemore road in delaware, that portion of 495, just the left lane blocked because of an accident near wilmington. i-95 is looking fine have the count the cars on one hand there chestnut street in olde city some roads are closed with the holiday festivity, between fifth and front, chestnut is closed until 11:00 d chestnut between ninth and sixth, between 10:45 and 1:30 this afternoon. lots of things going on today. >> what is so funny, sue. >> i'm happy because it is holiday and happy birthday america. >> i'm happy. >> it is america's birthday. >> let me tell you this, it is
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an update designed to capture data about how your driver is behaving. i'm talking about uber here. uber's new tracking technology, will it work? i think it is needed at this point. i have some uber stories from over the weekend. >> i bet you do. some of the most elaborate fire works displays in the world will be set off tonight, find out where philadelphia's fire works show ranks among the nation's best. >> shouldn't we be seeing sidney's very soon, what? >> why would sidney be doing a display. >> first of all... >> it is in the new years. >> why would they celebrate the fourth of july. >> yes. >> let me tell but australia. >> is this new years day. >> this is the united states. >> i'm so south of sorts. >> thank you for all of your fourth of july photos, including your cats. >> no, sidney. >> i missed this in my history
7:21 am
lesson. >> they also succeeded from the uk. all of their prisoners and people to australia. they celebrate that every fourth of july. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. hey, we have an idea here. that is cool. poet i can shot right there. send in your pay tree the yot i can pictures like you might dress up in a flag shirt or, alex has a picture of me that she would like to post on line. >> go ahead. >> no, go ahead. >> i will. >> my chicken neck. >> what? >> no. >> okay. >> undoubted i'm in the wrong place here. >> we are, we are. >> let's talk about ebber. >> sometimes taking a car
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service can be a rough ride. >> but uber is hoping to change that. >> using new technology to monitor its drivers, including millions of others, out on the road, lauren, explain this to me. >> lauren, you right uber all the time. >> i do ride uber lot. it combines new software with sensors in your phone to identified bad drivers. gps and drivers go inside to track uber drivers and ordinary drivers as well. it will watch whether drivers speed, whether they brake too hard or suddenly or gun the engine. it will machine for how long a driver has been on the road and suggest maybe they take a break to avoid fatigue. it can tell us if the phonies undock from the cradle which could prompt a distracted driving alert. it is all about safety and better customer service. uber wanted to respond to customer complaints about poor driving habits. you get your ride. rate your driver. sometimes you might get tossed all over back seat and like man that was a rough ride.
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now they are responding to customer criticism and feedback saying they want to see exactly how the ride is for drivers that could have affected the drivers. >> by the way, the dallas mavericks called and they want that jersey back. >> it is on the way. >> she hates me. >> 7:26. >> lottery players are hoping to double up both mega millions and pur ball jackpots have swelled to big numbers. >> i bought you a ticket. >> yes. >> on friday morning. >> i never got it. >> but i took a picture of it. i knew you forgot. >> so sweet of you. >> friend and family. >> that is because if we win we will let you know. the plus quincy is getting us ready for the party on the parkway. >> here we go. >> big party. we have to bring the visitors center right here. we will talk about this. i have talk to women. they are about to go crazy. everybody ready for july 4th. we're so excited.
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7:29. flags, hot dogs, fire works, today we're celebrating the nation's 240th birthday, alex. >> here's the thing, did the weather get the memo or what the? will it cooperate. sue has your forecast coming up. >> nothing more irritating then sitting and watching fire works in the rain sue, you suck. >> plus he is considered the greatest. >> you don't suck, sue you. >> yas is getting ready to
7:30 am
rock the stage later today but first he will be live on our show, yas the greatest, hakeem from empire, whatever you want to call him, mike from new addition, in his new movie. >> that is right. >> i just dropped the sharpe on that one. >> here's sue. >> how are you, sue. >> yeah, right. >> it is weather and forecast that you do not like, cloudy start, bus stop buddy, yes, he has american flag but he also has umbrella because there is rain in the forecast especially for later in the day. temperatures in the 60's right now. we are seeing cloud cover but not much willing on radar at the moment, and the sunnies break go through, it is 69 degrees with 81 percent relative humidity. expect to feel more humid today then the weekend. sixty-two in allentown. sixty-eight in dover. walking on the beach in wildwood it is 67 degrees. your forecast is for a high of 80 during the day and then, tonight, well, we will be
7:31 am
watching fire works perhaps with a few rain drops and as long as you prepare, i would prepare, by packing a puncho. i cannot think of another p war. >> buy one, you have plenty of time. >> you know they will be selling them too. >> you bet. >> here's something new in traffic. we have a car fire, 295, southbound, and the off ramp to route 29, is closed, there, that of course is in new jersey. different portion of 295 then we had that problem earlier. new near wilmington is there an accident on that 295 and that is in delaware, southbound at edgemont road, one lane blocked there, it is not causing a problem, and then the vine street expressway, of course, it is a holiday morning so there is hardly any traffic at all. that is a look at your traffic, at 7:31. happy birthday, america.
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>> coming up at 7:32. a l.a. party end with the shooting death of the teen in grays ferry. it happened outside a house in the 1800 block of south 31st street. group of teens were hanging out in the backyard when witnesses heard gunshots around midnight. one of the bullets hit a 16 year-old boy in the chest. police are not saying whether he was intended target. and a father and his eight year-old son are dead after a boating accident, in somers point. i know you have heard about this over the weekend. let me give you more details here. it happened 4:30 saturday afternoon near jennings gateway marina and in somers point they know that marine a the jet skis were riding on the path congress creek and they collided with a boat. fifty-nine five-year old driver of the boat suffered a wrist injury but he will be fine. new jersey state police and coastguard still
7:33 am
investigating, but they think they know what happen. 7:33. all of septa an "s" a new regional railcars are out of service. >> yes. >> this is due to problems officials say that need to be fixed immediately. >> commuters headed to work tomorrow, but also people heading to the fire works display this afternoon, how will that affect your commute, into the city. so, these are the brand new kind of fancy cars that we showcased on our show. what are they called, silver liners. >> yes, silver liners, and septa paid a lot of money for them, about 274 million-dollar, for them. we're talking about the the fourth of july today, headaches tomorrow when you head to work during your brief eighthed workweek. delays and crowded conditions, if you rely on septa's regional rail because septa officials pulled one-third of the regional rail fleet when they stopped running the silver liner five cars for a section that they found needed emergency repairs. that is 120 cars all together,
7:34 am
transit authorities say that they, the engineers found cracks in the steel beams of the korean made cars after noticing some of them was leaning on one side. it is 95 percent of these vehicles have been inspected and have that problem. officials say they were pulled there to prevent a disaster. >> it is in abundance of caution and in a cord answer with railroad requirements that cars will remain out of service until a pope eighth actions can be accomplish. >> i will figure something out. i'm not trying to think bit right now. i'm just trying to enjoy my holiday off and then i'll worry bit afterward. >> it is inconvenience but hopefully they can get the problem solved quickly. >> i well get another ride to work. it is a longer route but fit is for safety, me and other people then it is worth it. i'm happy that septa saw it and we can get it done. >> reporter: septa has a work around like adding more
7:35 am
parking near broad street and market frankford lines activating severe weather schedule on the wilmington newark line which reduces service through the delaware stations. so bottom line septa says make sure you plan extra time to get extra time to get into work, and maybe even consider working from home, we're told that these repairs could take, through the summer. through the rest of the summer, guys, back to you. >> for the rest of the summer. >> is there so many different cars they have to fix. all right. fourth of july celebrations, continue in philadelphia today, and tonight, and to be capped off with a big fire works display over ben franklin parkway but also over the river. >> it all starts at celebration of freedom ceremony at independent mall at ten this morning. that will lead in the parade which starts at 11:00. >> we have no excuse to not the go to that celebration starting a at ten, it is a block from our studio. you and i are going there, okay. >> thank you for scheduling my day. >> no problem, that is my job. >> party on the parkway starts
7:36 am
at noon, stage is a long the parkway showcasing local talent. welcome america concert will start at 5:00 on the parkway. it wraps up with those fire works which should start around 10:00 o'clock. here's another thing. >> yes, dear. >> at 23rd and pennsylvania, they will have a sale, cup cakes and hot dogs, cookies, to raise money for girl scouts. >> there is also, a concert in camden down the waterfront. >> tonight, it starts at 6:00 o'clock. >> competing concert. >> who is performing at that one. >> my friend, charisma mcill wayne. >> yes, charisma good a and her friend who is opening for michael mcdonald on his tour around the america. good stuff. here's the problem. that starts at 6:30. they start at 6:30. can do i that and make it to the parkway for the o.j.'s. >> yes, the concert start at 5:00. >> i would think o.j.'s will go on at about 8:00. >> then you have to be up to work tomorrow too and there is that.
7:37 am
>> you know i'm very conscientious about getting into work on time. >> yeah, do i know. >> tell me what is so funny. >> nothing. >> los angeles angels center fielder takes his -- basically his. >> atmospheric concession to a new level. he likes studying the planets. he is a south jersey native as you know. >> you do not satisfaction atmospheric in your every day talk. >> i rarely say that. >> you need to up your vocabulary. >> here's erin andrews. she does commercials for pro biotics, she has a voice like this. >> did you see that the angels scored 21 runs the other day. >> we will talk about it the when we come back.
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7:40 am
hey, south jersey native ape baseball superstar, mike trout, is now engaged to his high school girlfriend, his sweetheart, and he took to the skies to pop the question,
7:41 am
look up. >> look up. >> because this is what you will see, the millville native hired sky writers to ask jessica cox to marry him. both trout and cox shared the photo of the will you marry me jessica in the trout and she said yes. no word on a wedding date for the former american league mvp, wow. >> now that is cool. >> here's the thing. would you like that? is that a good one. >> sure. >> lucky enough to get proposed to at all. >> that is probably true. >> i will take what i can get but that is something nice i like that idea. >> you are a catch. >> i'm glad someone thinks so. >> i appreciate that. >> here's other thing codey park i, the kicker, he is kick nothing to marriage soon. >> what is this whole marriage thing with these athletes. >> what do you mean. >> they fell in love. >> codey park i is engage. >> announced on instagram he and his girlfriend, he asked his girlfriend to marry him over the weekend. >> look at that picture.
7:42 am
>> park i broke nfl rookie scoring record with 150 points which is most point scored by any eagle in a single season and i have met his girl friend. we did the fashion show every year. >> i met her too. >> she's very sweet. congratulations. >> yes. >> nice, tall, she looked like a model. she's fan lust. >> my wire is sticking out. >> he scored a lot of points because apparently we didn't run for touchdown or throw for touchdown we just kicked field goals a lot, that is how that kind of works. >> this is the bright side. >> they have the same colored clothing. >> when you are in love and been in love, you start looking alike, start dress ago like, acting alike. they planned it. >> yeah. >> it is cute. >> you can be matchy match. >> my parents used to have complete liz matching outfit. >> i have seen pictures of your parent with the mickey mouse t-shirts on. >> no they don't stop it. >> when i was born. >> yes, would i match with them and stuff.
7:43 am
>> you you matched with your parents. >> i was too young. >> you are the weirdest, most lame. >> that is before i could pick out my own clothes. >> they are watching right now. >> hi, good to see you. >> love you. >> hi. >> made in america. we have a lot of high priced talent in town including one quincy harris. >> he is at independent mall because that is where everything is starting off this morning. >> eventually will be down the parkway, right q. >> they will make a american flag out of cup cakes. it will be free, for you, i'll tell you how, coming up next.
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it is fourth of july but not much traffic out there this morning but we are looking anyway at i-95 south. we have had this problem, all morning with sweeper caught up in the guardrail on the ramp to the the walt whitman bridge from i-95 south. we had a backup not really happening anymore. everybody is getting through, everybody watch out in that neighborhood. we have reports of the car fire 295 southbound off ramp to route 29 is closed, and chestnut street closures today, chestnut between fifth and front will close until 11:00 a.m. and 29th and sixth, from 10:45 to 1:30 because of the fourth
7:47 am
of july festivities. so, how about that forecast, wish we could get rid of that rain but we have details for you coming up in 15 seconds. we have a look at the shore cast for today, not the most ideal beach day, hopefully you have had fun over the weekend. we have had uv index of eight. there will be some sunshine today. don't forget sun screen. moderate risk of rip currents. surf temperature at 72. temperatures the beach in the mid 70's and we will see mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance of some lightening, just listening for that thunder and get off beach if you hear any. 69 degrees in philadelphia only 49 in mount pocono. sixty-three in lancaster. seventy in wildwood. this is cull press this warm
7:48 am
front slowly heading our way from the southwest and it will spread more rain in the area as the day goes by. so anything you have to do outside, the earlier the better for are barbecue, for your fun outside there is the rain, heavier rain down to the south and west and eventually moving northward with that warm front. we will get to a high of 80. most of the rain will be in the afternoon. eighty-nine tomorrow. ninety's. ninety's, 90's we could have a four day heat wave this week. the second one of the season. lots of hood midty and chance of pop up showers and then are storms. it all starts tomorrow. that is your seven day forecast, mike and alex. >> it is 7:48. so if i win mega millions and the power ball in the next few days, i will have 700 million-dollar. >> a lot of money. >> would you lick me mow then you lick me right now. >> would i like you the same, mike, i would just ask for
7:49 am
stuff but would i ask you the i am is a. >> i like that about you. >> thank you. >> mega millions jackpot is growing to 449 million-dollar after a drawing on friday night produced no winning ticket for the multi state lottery prize, this is the seventh largest jackpot ever in the united states, that 313 million-dollar if you choose that cash pay out. >> so lets go to the power ball, also growing over the weekend as jackpot is now at the 250 million-dollar with the cash pay out at 180 million-dollar. so a combination would be 700 million-dollar, three-quarters of a billion dollars. >> yes, please. >> i'll take it. >> um-hmm. >> i would still come to work though. >> we'd appreciate that. >> for about three minutes. >> to say bye. >> curse everybody out. >> i'd say, dennis bianchi or general manager and jim driscoll our news director, would i tell them everything i hate about them and then i would leave. >> you know they could be
7:50 am
watching right now. >> what? >> really. >> they are both great. >> we're celebrating america's birthday what are we 240 years old today. >> yes. >> does that mean how many cup cakes. >> what they should do is make a flag out of cup cakes. >> i think that is what they are doing. >> quincy is helping. >> what? >> yeah. >> sixth and market. >> independence visitors center right here. you will see right here. what happens is people line up, very early at 1:00 p.m. today, you can get free cup cakes, courtesy of termini brothers. this is where the line will be. they want to you come here very early. mike, has a blue shirt on. hello, mike. >> hello. >> we have john, from termini brothers. >> great, good morning. >> you are making cup cake flag. >> this will be an american flag made entirely out of vanilla cup cakes with vanilla butter cream.
7:51 am
>> yes. >> it has taken the guys two days to make now. it will be impressive. we are also doing a live cake decorating of the four teared cake. we have a lot going on. >> this is first year termini brothers has done that. >> we are very happy to be here this year. excited. excited right now. >> hey, john, everything here, free. >> free. >> it will be free. >> come on down, come see us, come take pictures, it will be great. >> people are looking for and they are like okay, it is free, but we know termini brothers makes an amazing cannoli. >> let's taste this a little bit. >> this is good. >> really good. >> real deal. >> you guys, come on down here. this is the cake right here.
7:52 am
you guys haven't designed it yet but you will design that cake. >> we will do it live right here and then cutting it up. we will sing happy birthday to america here. >> guys, come on down here. line usually starts at 12 after the parade but you guys will start giving out cup cakes at what time. >> 1:00 o'clock. >> we will be here. >> i'm not the just saying it for television. i'm not just saying it. really good. happy belated birthday, mike. >> thank you for all of your social media posts, you are a sweet, sweet man. >> i'm almost concern, is this going to affect the flag looks because you are eating cup cakes. don't they make an exact number. >> now it is now down to 12 columnist. >> i'm sorry, we're having technical difficulties, something going on. something, something. >> q, thank you. >> i can't hear you.
7:53 am
>> what? >> independence, why empty nesters all over the country are seeing more of their children at home even have after college, people, they are moving pack in with their mom and dad. there is a reason. there's one place where america's pastime is preserved for all time. ♪ and that's not the only thing
7:54 am
you can only find in new york state. ♪ discover something one of a kind in new york. ♪ new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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7:56 am
i got the so many tweets yesterday because it was my birthday and i got a cute one from donya who used to be the co host of this show, she goes, happy birthday, tom. i mean, mike. and now sue might know what that means because tom is my older brother and my mom and dad, could never figure out my name because i was baby of six kid. they would call me tom all the time. pretty funny.
7:57 am
happy birthday. >> that was really cute. >> that was really sweet of you. >> thank you. >> happy belated. >> thank you dear. >> a lot of people are saying happy independent, right. >> what about being independent from your mom and dad. apparently if you are a college graduate you are heading back home. >> it is all about money dan. >> absolutely. >> they have so many bills when it comes to tuition debt. >> that is true. >> they have to move back in with mom and dad. >> student loans size of the wyoming coupled with the job market that is better but pay isn't all that great for a lot of these jobs means from the dorm room back to your old ninja turtle and princess bedroom at home. 36 percent of college grads, say they will move back home with mom and dad, and a record number of millennials between 18 and 34 years old, guess what, they are living back home with mom and dad. >> um-hmm.
7:58 am
>> well, by the way, what was the design in your bedroom growing up. >> i had a pink bunk bed in that little hearts on the end, and post. >> here's the thing. you are an only child why did you have a bunk bed. >> when people visited they can have a place to sleep. i loved sleep overs. i had company. then as i got older what i would do in college we took apart top part and left bottom bunk and now it is a regular bed. >> did you have a imagery friend. >> i did. >> what was the name of the person. >> what was the name. >> i'm sure it was a girl. >> bunk bed is still there to this day. when i go home i still sleep this. >> we have hijack. >> i still use bunk bed, by the way, married 28 years. only kidding. >> hoist top bunk. >> most don't know what this is, do you remember your first lease. do you remember your first lease. >> you're asking parents to put up a lease. >> listen to this i'm so old,
7:59 am
guess how many i paid for rent, for my first home after i got married. >> average student loan is 340 bucks, was it more or less. >> $140 a month for the house. >> wow, wow. >> must be nice. >> was that a lot to you back then. >> no, no. >> yes. coming back on topic here, yes. we need a plan. >> here it is. >> here's the address of the house, 410 elm street. >> you remember. >> is that the old american address, 410 elm street. >> now back to dan. >> my first address after we got married was 11 elm street, right down the road from you. >> maybe you were neighbors. >> didn't even know it. >> you need a time line, parents. if mom and dad are still doing the laundry and making breakfast, l for loser. sit down with your kids and agree how long will this go. it can't be open ended. assign tasks, assign expenses.
8:00 am
>> that will get them out. >> you don't want to be paying their cell phone bill forever. next, question i get should we charge our kid rent. >> what do you say. >> yes. >> no. >> how about this. if your kids are good savers and they are saving each month, get ready to move out eventually, that is fine. if they are not, if they are financial train wrecks call it rent put it in the bank and save it for them, help them. >> don't tell them you are doing it. >> time line for moving out. split expenses. must work at least part-time. >> yes. >> and force savings. >> call it rent if you want but force those savings because parents, remember your job isn't done until they are off of your payroll on to someone else. >> a will guys for ruining your segment. >> it happens often. >> wow. >> we still got good points, thanks, dan. >> thank you. >> the sunnies out. >> sunnies out. >> throwing shade. >> that is true you. >> yes. >> thank you for being
8:01 am
patriotic and wearing red and blue. it is monday, july 4th, 2016. celebrating the fourth... the festivities continue in the birthplace of america. but will the weather get in the way. sue has the story. >> septa slow downs, brace yourself for big changes here in your commute. the problem with the railcars that could make you late for work. and hey, it is time to clean up kensington. >> it is a fight, literally these drugs, it is horrible. >> needles piling up faster, and they need to be clear. >> blew my mind, literally. >> reporter: measures one man is taking to protect his family. >> yas the greatest is getting ready to rock the stage later today, you know, from empire, man keep. >> sure.
8:02 am
>> but first he will be live on our show the first stop. so we will tell what you fans can expect when he gets the to the mike and also some other surprises that may be in store for tonight's concert on the parkway. >> that is the greatest. >> yas is on our show. >> i might do drip drop and it will be drip, drip, dropty drop. >> there will be rain drops around for fire works. >> maybe he planned it that way, for the song. >> one of the best segway i have ever her. >> thank you, alex. >> slip slide into our number of the day which is a seven out of ten because it is starting off looking good. we are seeing sunshine right now. but there are some clouds and in other places a and temperatures in the 60's with bus stop buddy, prepared for the american flag in one hand and yes, the umbrella in the other hand. now we're not seeing much on radar at the moment except for a few clouds and further north you go the brighter it is. this rain is coming from the
8:03 am
south later in the day. anything we saw earlier is out of here, looking good right now. 71 degrees. we will get a little bit more humidity today then we had over the weekend with but it is cloudy at mount pocono. sixty-five atlantic city. all right it is 70 in wildwood. so the holiday forecast, as we have celebrated independent day, there is the declaration right there. seventy-seven by noon. by 5:00 we will have reached our high of 80 but we will see some showers around including when fire works begin after dark tonight. so just be prepared to dodge a few rain drops here and there. that is your weather authority forecast for the fourth of july, checking traffic on this holiday morning, we have to start off in new jersey where things will be busier later on then they are on route 42 because if it is that way, car fire on 295 southbound in new jersey right around route 29 there, there is an off ramp to
8:04 am
29, that is closed, 495 northbound at edgemore road in delaware, left rapist still blocked there from a previous accident and phillies play today. the atlantic braves a three game series with the atlanta braves. unusual time 4:05 is game time today. they are soluting the military today at the game and there will be extra traffic in south philadelphia, right before game time, guys. >> 4:05. >> yes. >> little unusual. >> 8:04. >> a man dies after being struck by a tractor trailer on 295 in burlington county. officers say he was walking on the road around 4:00 when he was hit near route 73 exit. northbound lanes are shut down for several hours, while crews cleared the scene, and this time no charges have been filed against the truck driver. a holiday party end with a shooting death on the teenage inner grays ferry. it happened outside on the 1800 block of south 35th industries. group of teens was hanging out when witnesses heard gunshots
8:05 am
around midnight. one of the bullets hit a 16 year-old boy in the chest. police are not saying whether he was the intended target. 8:05. major disruptions for commuters in the days ahead. after septa had to take one-third of the regional rail line off the track. >> now riders may have to find other ways to get around. i thought, septa dave, was saying that the service may not be interrupted. so who is telling the truth here. >> reporter: well, really depend. yesterday they had said that there wouldn't be any adverse impact, that was the quote that they used but when they talk about a third of these cars being damaged a, train cars and regional rail, it will certainly em impact. they concede that had a shortened workweek certainly starting on tuesday, will be met with delays and crowds if you rely on septa's regional rail. septa pulling one-third of the
8:06 am
regional rail fleet, once they stopped running, the silver line five cars for inspections and found they needed emergency repairs. it is 120 cars all together. transit authorities say their engineers found cracks in the steel beams of the korean made train cars after some were leaning on one side. they say 95 percent of those silver lining five have the problem. only five did not. officials pulled those cars to prevent a potential disaster. >> at high speed we could have a derailment. we ask for patients during this difficult time, first days and weeks of this time should prove to be the hardest. >> there are some things they have to fix. would i rather them fix what is wrong and then to have the update on the train. >> i will just get a bus. it is a longer route. fit is for safety of me and other people then it is worth it. >> reporter: septa has a work around like adding more parking around broad street line and market frankford line
8:07 am
and they are act veiling a severe weather schedule along the wilmington knew warning line which reduce services there authorities say you may want to ask for more time to get where you are going. these repairs are set to take place throughout the rest of the summer. so many trains and cars to fix. mike and alex. >> thank you for that. 8:07. >> eli weasel was memorialized last night. family and friend gathered to mourn the noble peace prize winner and nazi concentration camp survivors. his memoirs night became standard reading in classrooms across the globe. he devoted his work and life in remembrance of the holocaust ape fight for justice for all people. he was 78 years old. one of the last firsthand witnesses to the nazi atrocity. >> his parents were killed along with his sister. what a great guy. 8:07.
8:08 am
let's call it eight clear see eight. >> three, two, one. 8:08. >> from fire works to wean he is, americans are not shy about celebrating our 240th birthday. >> so today there will be a lot of long established independent day traditions. >> so we will start right here where the founding fat's proved the declaration of independent on july 4th, 1776. the national birthday party will run all day, and things kick off at 10:00 this morning with the reading of the document. i feel lick we have to say it, real fancy, reading of the document. >> a reading of the document good and events honoring every day heroes with celebrity, leslie odom junior a philadelphia native who plays aaron burr in the broadway musical hamilton. then the holiday parade which includes miss america 2016, betty cantrail. next up is a five hour part which free entertainment on the ben franklin parkway. celebrations will continue with the five hour concert, including performers, like yas
8:09 am
the greatest. >> leslie odom junior. >> yes, and singer/song writer leon bridges and fire works to close-up the evening. my thought was we could play some of the music we will hear tonight. let's hear music from odom junior, leon bridges and yas to get people pumped up, ready for the concert. >> did you talk to our producers like this in the morning meeting. >> difficult. >> yes. >> the o.j.'s are performing tonight. >> intruder, and hour melvin and blue notes. >> gamble and hoff i'm ready for who was in the group harold melvin and blue mote i'm shourd harold and melvin was there. >> yes, teddy pendergrass. >> he was a member of that group. >> yes. >> so blue notes were in the group, hour melvin and blue notes. >> hour was there. >> hour was there, yes. >> he better be there.
8:10 am
>> teddy, i remember that group. >> i loved teddy. >> he stepped away from them because he was the number one stunner and he shine every summer. >> he goes out on his own. >> jackson five. >> michael jackson it work out. >> supremes. >> that is true. >> diana ross. >> destiny's child. >> beyonce, the queen b. >> justin timberlake, n'synx. >> back street boys who came out of that. >> lance bass, he came out. and yas the greatest. >> i like when you laugh. >> i do it a lot. >> and yas the greatest will be on our show with quincy harris. >> yes, that is right, empire fans, yes, he will be on the the show. >> lets go to a complete downer on this fourth of july, and i apologize for doing this. >> faster then they can be cleared, in kensington. measures one man is taking to protect his family.
8:11 am
we will talk to this family next. >> i love this guy. >> steve? >> mike, we thought we would give our viewers a special treat for fourth of july, we would have remote shows on the friday to start the weekend and on the monday to close weekend. we have a massive crowd, you guys here in wildwood and then all weekend we promoted i would be in margate and we draw a second massive crowd, you can see how popular i am compared to you guys.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
tameika says fourth offer july, robert irvine at wawa hoagie day. big day for that. happy birthday right now. thanks for watching. looking very patriotic. happy birthday, very cute. you have to dress up roofus now. >> that is a tough act to follow. >> that is head gear and dog
8:15 am
looks like he is enjoying it. >> not. >> we've got a look at the fourth car for today, including the phillies, forecast. they play their fourth of july game at 4:05. braves opponent. 80 degrees the high temperature. pack a puncho because there will be a chance of the shower or two. you will definitely get the game n maybe a rain delay. probably not though. holiday fire works forecast, it is for rain, the chance increasing, the later it gets tonight. 10:00 o'clock will be at 74 degrees and there will be some rain and showers, around. maybe not on top of your head but you have got to be prepared for it. 63 degrees in lancaster and reading. much chillier 49 in mount pocono. down in wildwood it is 70. kind of cloudy. not bad. here's is what happening this warm front is making its way northward. so by tonight it is here and this low pressure system comes
8:16 am
in the overnight hours when we expect the heaviest rain but spotty showers around pretty much all afternoon and evening, as we are's looking right now nothing on radar and we are seeing sunshine, here in olde city, and a long the shore, this sunnies start to go break through those clouds. as we look real quick this future cast, rain begins anytime after three or 4:00, on and off, throughout the the rest of the night and tomorrow morning. we could have adventures going back to reality about 7:00 o'clock with pockets of heavy rain tomorrow morning. so that is the morning rain, for tuesday, a high of 89 when sun comes out. then we will sore in the 90's on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, heat wave number two in the offing, on the season and shore temperatures will start to warm up, starting tomorrow. nice and hot at the jersey shore. that is your seven day forecast. we will look at traffic now on this holiday morning. we have not seen much traffic but we have had our share of
8:17 am
incident. broad street and roosevelt boulevard we have reports of a possible hit and run. that could be slow around here. we have if first report. we will get more information and get it as soon as we can. we will go to an accident at 495 north bound, down in delaware, that left lane is still block, it has been all morning but it is not slowing anybody down. hardly any traffic. ninety-five southbound, we have cleared that incident, and i-95 at cottman avenue, unlike a week day morning that is not a holiday, everything is moving just fine, alex, this morning. thanks, sue. weather puts a damper on fourth of july celebrations on the new jersey shore. fire works have been scrub. so steve, you are standing by in margate. trouble is nobody is out there because fire works aren't happening. >> are you out there by yourself, is mike taking a break? i don't hear mike. >> i am by myself, am i not
8:18 am
good enough steve. >> i could sense that but i wanted to tease mike but i have to wait. >> i'm here. i'm here. >> he is here. >> that is all right, i only have a minute anyway. i want to wish you a happy birthday. you are per period you'llly 21 and that is best thing about it. greatest personality. >> celebrates like he is 21. >> new policy here on the margate beach patrol all life guard to have wear suits and ties and on the most sunny days, dark suits. so the bp, now not a big crowd here on the beach here in margate for the final day of this licensing who will will day weekend. a lot of people probably paying attention to the weather and you mentioned alex, this was the one town that actually believes what the weather people say and they cancelled their fire works show yesterday. they didn't want to set up for
8:19 am
anything. their fire works will run next saturday. down here at the shore you have a couple weeks ends of fire works. we were come to washington honor in on of the nation's first president since wean are we are honoring number 240. you not 240 yet. the country is still older then rest of us. chris will go to the left and show you biggest land mark not just in landmark but maybe jersey shore outside those big windmills in atlantic city. lucy the elephant very old and still looking beautiful. still looking great. and mike, again, great birthday wishes to you, and thank you, for being, that is why we all have our are you are the reason we all of our mortgage in time and car payments made. i always say that but that is the truth. you saved this she twice. i can thank you again, publicly here. >> yes. >> thank you you.
8:20 am
>> thank you. >> you have been up in lucy. >> i have been up in lucy. >> we went and did it, for the first time. >> so cool, took pictures, great view. >> 8:20. one of our nation's symbols but bald eagle, this one, wasn't so. it was stuck in the tree. incredible way an army veteran used special skills to rescue the majestic animal. >> cool story. >> but first eagles safety malcolm jenkins test his knowledge on celebrity family feud, they is. >> he has those he ties. >> how did he do. >> he did fairly well. >> we will play his part on family feud next.
8:21 am
8:22 am
one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
8:23 am
you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at you see all of those stripes
8:24 am
and stars. >> yes. >> official leex. >> what is that. >> it is i baseball cap. >> happy fourth? we appreciate it. >> keep sending your pictures at fox 29 good day, so we can see it. >> today is big day... thank you a lot of head room. nothing but giant head room. >> today is big day at the white house because mallea, mallea obama turns 18. >> you are president's daughter and your birthday is on the same date as america's birthday. >> fantastic. >> she's eldest of his daughters. >> she was just ten when her father won the presidency. >> my goodness. >> look at her. >> she's taking a year off before heading to harvard in 2017. >> there are very famous patriots, who died on
8:25 am
july 4th. did hamilton die. >> thomas jefferson died on july 4th. it might have been hamilton. >> okay. >> ill a's look it up. >> yes. >> what is my point. >> it is always relevant, we should acknowledge. >> yes. >> lets talk about malcolm jenkins from the eagles, of course, he has made one charity $25,000 richers. >> good. >> but it wasn't because of his talent on the field that help get this. his attempt to get to the 100 randomly surveyed americans answering burning questions. he was on celebrity feud. >> the feud. >> yes. >> with steve harvey. >> name a homemade gift people like to give that no one likes to receive. >> macaroni necklace.
8:26 am
>> macaroni necklace. >> how about that. >> is that counted. >> have you ever got a macaroni necklace. >> yes, from my daughters. >> i have received the macaroni necklace, i have received the pop sickle stick. >> i remember that. >> little house. >> i still have it. i still have it. >> i don't think i ever made a macaroni necklace. >> it counted. >> he chose got your six charities, receiving, he chose that charity so they are receiving 25 you this dollars. >> he made $25,000 for his charity. >> that is wonderful good all of his family was there. she was very sweet. >> nice. >> malcolm jenkins. >> 8:26. needles are piling up faster then they can be cleared in kensington message one man is taking to protect his familiar
8:27 am
8:28 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
8:30 am
make money off of taylor swift how you can get rich for a relationship sales. >> yes. >> and we're getting you ready for the wawa welcome america party on the parkway. we're talking to the people in the know and we will find out what is in store for tonight and apparently there is a surprise that we need to know about. >> tonight on the parkway. >> yes. >> so we will give you a hint. >> i would like to know about this stuff, there is a surprise. >> you should stick around and watch and we will give you a big hint. >> patriotic pictures for the fourth we are celebrating america's birthday. >> is there a sidewalk. >> john says happy fourth of july to everybody at "good day philadelphia". look at these beautifully placed flags there, this fourth of july, from, cristina rapa. >> yes, beautiful.
8:31 am
>> and oh, my goodness, that is my friend from port richmond, is it mary, it is mary, right. >> yes. >> she wore this shirt we saw her outside in the north east. >> it is joan. >> i was thinking of my sister maryann but that is joan from port richmond. >> i should know that. i have kissed her on the lips. >> and then roberta, happy fourth of july, so cute, waving their flags and looking at fire works. >> roberta sent me one of the sweetest birthday wishes yesterday. >> she said hey, alex, i hope you have a flight weekend. >> she's really sweet. >> sue serio is also sweet. >> yes. >> roberta was just board. >> i posted a picture that was very flattering. >> it is hard to find. >> you retweeted it.
8:32 am
>> and i said thank you sue. >> yes. >> cloudy start to the day for some, some sunshine for others. we have shade, umbrella and, of course, american flag with bus stop buddy. temperatures in the 60's to get us started this morning. the right new we have a few cloud on radar, different story later on, enjoy sunshine while it is here, see how crowded it is getting in the center of the action in olde city. this is independent visitors center where you should start your visit and find out what is going on with all of the celebrations. 71 degrees in philadelphia southeasterly winds mean we will have more today then yesterday. sixty-seven in pottstown. up to 62 in pocono. seventy-two in wildwood. forecast for a high of 80. depends how much cloud cover we could get warmer than. that early sunshine and then showers around the rest of the day on and off. we will show you when they alive and end, how much we will get a all that coming up
8:33 am
in the seven day forecast. time to check traffic on this holiday morning because we check it up askew kill expressway at spring garden. we have the roosevelt boulevard and tomorrow there will be a different story. enjoy the sunshine and smooth sailing while it is here. new jersey transit river line is on a sunday schedule today because of the holiday and chestnut street different parts closing because of the festivity between fifth and front, it is closed until 11:00 a.m. and 69th and 6:00 between 10:45 and 1:30 this afternoon. thank you very much. independent day the fourth of july always means big celebrations and a lot of spending, too. >> so fox's lauren simoneti breaks down the business of the fourth. >> ♪ god bless america >> happy 240th birthday
8:34 am
america, with a election and rio summer games coming up experts say 2016 is ramping up to be a big year for patriotism and this means dollar signs for retailers. >> there will be a run on red, white and blue merchandise for a couple of reasons. one an election year. people feeling particularly, patriotic, backdrop of brexit, everybody discovering patriotism. >> reporter: survey found that 214 million people plan to celebrate independent day and they say that adds up to 6.8 billion or seven bucks per household. >> in america as we celebrate our independent, you know, going back to 1776 and john adams had written a letter to his wife, that basically said we would commemorate the holiday, you know work bond fires and illuminations. >> reporter: those illuminations sure are popular. american pyrotechnic is a association says despite
8:35 am
certain state bans sales are expect to sky rocket. >> we are expecting sales to exceed 800 million. fire works you tubing local officials. they will cut things in the budget before they let fire works go. affordable way. >> how else do we accommodate, half of the people surveyed will attend a barbecue. >> when weather is nice you want to be outside and enjoy the food, weather together, and hot dogs are a natural part of that connection, america and hot dogs really go hand and hand and aetna natural fit between independent take and hot dogs. >> for you his there i bufs did you know continental congress voted for independent july 2nd. it wasn't declared a national holiday almost years after that. in new york i'm lauren simonetti, fox newt. a special tribute how one fourth of july celebration is
8:36 am
remembering prince, tonight.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
that is independent mall, the place to be, if you are celebrating america's birthday, in philadelphia. the philly pops kicked it off perfectly last night. >> it is annual free pops on the independence couldn't earth, part of the wawa welcome america festival. >> philadelphia is one of the best places in the nation to celebrate the fourth for sure, the birthplace of america for goodness sake. >> where do we rank to the other cities celebrating. >> go for it. >> grand fire works display the fourth best in the u.s. according to u.s.a. today. top three cities san diego third, washington d.c. second and new york city ranks number
8:40 am
one. >> that is stupid. >> san francisco is fifth. boston is sixth. >> boston puts on a really good show. they put it on nationally on television. >> very nice. >> city of minneapolis is celebrating america today but also the life of prince. >> yeah, red, white and purple is the annual event hosted by, the it is is parks and recreation board and attracts 75,000 people to honor prince this year, the year of his death, fire works grand finally mixed all of his songs together, it was really good. >> when you think about it, the colors are red, white and blue if he you mix red and blue what do you get. >> purple. >> they had fire work last night, big show, and again tonight, we will play that tomorrow morning on our show as well. >> yes. okay, so we have been talking about the concert happening tonight. yas will be one of the performers and i think he is here.
8:41 am
>> he is here with quincy, right now, quincy. >> hi, yas. >> we have yas. he will perform. >> hello. >> what is up. >> and jeff gordon are you ready. >> we're ready. >> we will talk about it. what will happen. >> we will be real patriotic. (male off-screen announcer) what's it feel like to win the mustang instant game, with top prizes of a hundred grand or a new ford mustang? (woman) oh my goodness. woo!
8:42 am
(male off-screen announcer) with instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, the instant you play could be the instant you win. keep on scratchin'.
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8:44. it is pretty nice start to the day, especially in the poconos mountains, because the storm that we're expect to go present i rain tonight, it is coming from the south, the further north you go better weather day you will have. the phillies, they start at 4:05 for the fourth of july playing the braves. it will be 80 degrees at game time. pack a puncho because rain is in the forecast. we could see a stray shower or two during the game but then fire works forecast for tonight is for, yeah, showers, around especially around 10:00 e 47 degrees but our high is 80. you'll feel more humidity then yesterday. we will have heavy rain in the morning tomorrow and then when sun comes out a high of 89 degrees and temperatures sore from there in the 90's. we will probably have the second heat wave of the season
8:45 am
coming up this week. >> ♪ >> we are sorry about the fact that we are seeing him perform tonight. he is one of the performers performing on the parkway for wawa welcome america sound of philadelphia concert. >> he joins us live now with q, with his, fourth of july shirt on. >> yes, yes, listen, i wear this, third year in the row, this is a tradition this shirt. yas, you are back in philadelphia. this shirt is a tradition. we will talk about it later. you are performing right here in philadelphia. >> it is my hometown man where cheese steaks is wanted, jeff gordon is looking classy and fly on the stage right now. >> jeff, yes. >> how does it feel to come
8:46 am
back here for wawa welcome america. >> man, it is amazing. i'm happy to be on the stage right now. just performing. i'm doing t l.a. and doing to types of shows. jeff gordon gave me the opportunity to talk to the people. >> jeff. >> yes. >> we have yas performing. >> yes. >> yas the greatest. >> yes. >> that is the fact. >> who else is performing. >> we have celine bridges, fresh from essence, and kind of a really great show. well rounded. leslie odom will be here doing some songs, dynamite hamilton, all good and all philly. >> and we have brotherly love. >> yes. >> one of the greatest vocal groups that will ever come out of philadelphia for brotherly love started it all off. >> what time do you start. >> what time to we start, jessica. >> noon? we have kids bob for all of the kid.
8:47 am
come on out here with bismarki spinning. the actual concert start at 5:00 o'clock. >> 5:00 o'clock. >> yas, another thing we cannot wait for empire season three. >> wow, man. it will be turned up. i know the fans are waiting to see who fell off the balcony man. >> can you give us a hint. >> no. >> he can't give us a hint. >> are you filming right now. >> new addition can come out anywhere. >> you are playing michael in the new addition movie. >> it is a great cast, great music, great director. >> okay. so we have lot going on. we have empire, new addition, we will see album coming soon. >> yes, sir. >> and someone saying in my ear will we hear drip drop tonight. >> maybe. >> we may here drip drop. >> yes. >> it was important -- never mind. they need to come here now because it will get pack. >> it will get pack.
8:48 am
first year that we have beer for sale as well in the beer garden. we have beer, craft beer, great food items, it will be great, a real festival. it will be fun. >> yas, jeff gordon, yas is here. we cannot wait. >> hey quincy. >> yes, alex. >> last time i saw yas, he showed me some of the moves, you know, new addition moves, will he be busting out some of those. >> will we see any new addition moves tonight. >> i may a little bit. maybe, maybe. a little bit. >> is this surreal for you because about three years ago, you were still on the brink. >> i was standing outside and people did sound check, celebrities that with come to town and would i watch out and check and now i'm about to do a sound check for myself, it is crazy. >> so yas, tonight, jeff gordon, always.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> new edition. >> what was that. >> q at noon. >> 9:12. >> yes. >> we will plug that later. >> these guys, we will sound check. i will help these guys do sound check. >> he has his own show. >> yas is doing it too. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> that is. >> hilarious. >> are you going to be there. >> i will standing right next to you. >> your mom and dad are coming. >> my dad loves, loves gamble and hoff. he is so excited for tonight, i cannot even tell you. >> one of our nation's symbols, that is a bald eagle upside down. incredible way an army veteran used his skills to bring that eagle to safety. send those picks. there is one right there, from
8:50 am
the mrs., thank you, happy fourth well, karen. >> that is nice. >> all dolled up. >> i want those cup cakes. >> they look good. >> hi. >> nice patriotic dress there. >> yes. by the way, in lottery was won over the weekend. >> he didn't know if he were going to do this song. it is perfect backdrop. >> yes. >> don't you think. >> weather will be drip dropping but i'm still going.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
one more check of traffic, such as it isn't, in philadelphia, this morning. look at that, one, two, three, four, five, six cars on i-95 in delaware. there are closures on chestnut street today though because of the celebrations, between
8:54 am
fifth and front, chestnut will be closed until 11:00 a.m. then down the road, between sixth and ninth between 10:45 and 1:30 this afternoon, that portion of the chestnut street will be closed. of course, we have phillies game today, solute the to veterans during the game at 4:05, phillies and braves but you there will be slow downs, in that part of the south philadelphia, right around game time, as maybe we will have fire works at the citizens bank park because of home runs, don't they do fire works when we have home runs. >> we have have to have a home run nerd to to that have. >> phillies have had some offense lately. >> they have are so is there a good chance. >> they have won five out of six. >> yes, they have. >> they have a four game winning streak. >> keep it going. >> they beat world champions two out of the three in the weekend. do you see eric hosmer was in town, kansas city royals first base man. >> do you follow him.
8:55 am
>> i follow him. >> yes. >> he is dead to me good he is dead to me. >> what did he do to you. >> he hurt my friend. >> you don't to have share. >> bold eagle has a new lease on life thanks to the army veteranned and trapped in the tree this fourth of july weekend. >> his name is jason galvin a vet and his wife they were driving around minnesota when they spotted this eagle hanging upside down. he took out a rifle, and started shooting at the branch which then separated the branch from the tree. eagle floated to the ground and they were able to grab that and the eagle, and take it to a vet and now the eagle is fine. they name the bird freedom because it is new free and he will be released back in the wild very soon as soon's is all healed up, isn't that cool. >> very cool.
8:56 am
>> yes. >> coming up on eight will 56. happy independent day, what do you think is the most popular activity on this holiday. would it be grilling, getting on the grill. >> the number one thing you will be eating and drinking. >> do you go hamburgers. and then there she is. >> gabby dug latest on the cover of the teen vogue she talked to us about the body shamers and one person she looks to for strength and you are listening to leon bridges, performing tonight, this is his song coming home. >> crank it up.
8:57 am
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yes. >> that is the sixth six soldiers, we will talk to them in a little bit. they sound good this morning. on this fourth of july, 2016. >> it is, the fourth of july. ask me what i'm's doing on the fourth. >> recovering from your birthday. >> what are you doing on the fourth. >> having a fifth. >> initiation. >> that was a cute picture we had up there. >> yes. >> we had a third yesterday. >> only a third. >> still a lot. >> joe, thanks for send ago this in. beautiful family you have. >> look at that snoopy. >> nice drawing there. >> donna my sweet hubby soluting a tech marine brother. >> happy fourth. >> that is fancy. >> oh, yeah. >> that is a great one.


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